María José Pérez Comuñas

Position: Permanent Staff

María J.P. Comuñas is graduated in Physics at the University of Santiago in 1997 and obtained her International Ph.D. degree in 2002. Her work was focused on thermophysical and rheological characterization of materials at high pressures for industrial applications, mainly for lubrication. She has experience in the design and implementation of original scientific apparatus and setups to operate at pressures to 300 MPa. She is permanent associate professor at the Department of Applied Physics. She has published more than 80 original articles on topics including: thermophysics of fluids at low and high pressures; ionic liquids, biphasic mixtures; refrigerants; hydraulic fluids; mechanical oscillation densimeter at high pressure, rotational-rolling ball-falling body viscometers at high pressure, rheological behavior; state equations, viscosity models and viscosity-pressure coefficients for EHL lubrication. She accumulates an h-index of 27. Actually she is involved in the development of nanolubricants, with particular focus on how morphology, aggregation level, structure and concentration of nanoparticles affect its lubricant properties.